Preparing for a New Spa

A spa can be a useful tool for relaxation. All it takes is a little preparation to fully appreciate all of the benefits a hot tub offers. Start by reading the owner’s manual. Every spa has instructions for installation and preparation for use, but here are some additional tips to get ready for a new spa.

Site Selection

All spas are designed for either indoor or outdoor installation. A location needs to be selected before delivery. Make sure the location has enough space. Check to see what hot tub equipment is included. Purchase a reliable pump and hot tub filters for the specific model that will be installed. If it is going on the ground, make sure the area is solid enough to support the weight of the unit. The same is true for a floor, deck or patio.

Spa Preparation

– Be sure that the location can support the weight. Allow for extra weight to support all users. Uneven surfaces can cause damage and void the warranty.

– Make sure there is adequate drainage so rainwater does not accumulate around the unit.

– Level the surface before adding water.

– Provide access to a power source and circuit panels.

– Create level access to any removable hot tub equipment or compartment panels for service, hot tub supplies and cleaning needs.

Preparing an Outdoor Site

Most owners prefer to place their new spa outdoors. A patio is a good choice since this surface is likely to be level and sturdy. When placing a unit on the ground it is a good idea to have a perimeter boardwalk, concrete sidewalk or other suitable walkway to the spa. This will help cut down on debris users bring into the unit and result in less wear and tear on the filters. This can also reduce the chances of the pump getting clogged. It is important to have a flat, level surface with easy access for everybody who is going to be using it.

Preparing an Indoor Site

The room where a spa will be located should be properly ventilated so moisture does not accumulate. A standard recommendation is to install a venting system in the room where the spa will be located. Those who choose to construct a room specifically for a hot tub should include a floor drain to avoid water damage. Make sure an indoor location is strong enough to support the weight of the tub with water. A lightweight spa is usually a better indoor choice.