Pressure Cooker Parts – Care and Maintenance

Pressure cooker is a very great tool to have in the kitchen as it cuts 2/3 of the cooking time while still maintaining the natural flavor and nutrients of the food you are cooking. I consider this a very indispensable and useful tool in my kitchen and it literally changed my life because of the good benefits that come with it. It does not require too much more maintenance than the average pot in your kitchen. However, putting in some extra care and maintenance can prolong its lifespan. Here are some few tips to consider.

1) Remove and clean the gasket after each use. Allow it to air-dry thoroughly before putting it back in the lid in order to preserve the life of this rubber gasket. Even if it last for years, its wise to have a back-up on hand when the time comes that you are not bale to use it anymore. So have one extra in your self or storage. Its suggested to apply a little vegetable or olive oil on the gasket before storing it.

2) Clean the vent/ valve area thoroughly. Take a quick look at the vent and valve area whenever you wash the lid so make sure that they are free of debris. Use a soapy scouring pad or toothbrush. There are also some models wherein you need to unscrew some parts in order to wash it well.

3) Clean the bottom. You can use some scouring cleanser if the bottom is scorched and bring it to a boil in the cooker. You can then remove it from heat and let it stay for a few hours and then scrub with a scouring pad.

4). Keep the pot shiny. If you want to look it shiny all the time, especially if its made of stainless steel, you can apply products that you can apply to polish it.

5) Store it properly. You can store the lid on top of the cooker or against its side. Avoid locking the lid in the pot when storing it as it will just trap unnecessary odor or it might even build some pressure.