Pressure Cookers: Buying Guide For Beginners

Maybe you are already tired of your old pressure cooker, or maybe your old one simply does not have enough safety measures. Or perhaps you have never really owned one before. If so, then it is high time you hit the stores and get a new cooker. But with the myriads of designs available, how can you choose among the many different pressure cookers? Here is how:

Pot with the right capacity

If it is too small, you will probably need to cook in sets and that will waste a lot of time. If it is too big, you may end up preparing more than you need. Therefore, you should deliberate first what size capacity you need. Mostly, the standard for regular households is cookers with a capacity of 6 quarts. Better yet, why not just own several pots?

Lid with simple lock

You do not want this to be a rocket science. Some pressure cookers are simply too complicated with their lock mechanisms. How would you know? Well, while you are shopping, pick up one and try to open, close, and lock the lid. Did you have any problems? If it took you some figuring out, it is probably not good. Sometimes, the simplest mechanisms are the best and the most secure. This is not something that should be fancy.

Handles with heat resistance

You actually need in all of your cooking pots and not just your pressure cookers. But these accessories tend to be hotter. In which case, you will need those with handles that are coated with heat resistant material. Together with a heat resistant hand glove, it should make things easier for you in the kitchen.

Pots with safety valves

It cannot be stressed enough. You need this! This is what differentiates the cookers of old from those of today. This little mechanism makes modern pressure cookers safer. It prevents that ugly episode of pot eruption which spews sauce all over the ceiling. So what a safety valve does is it releases the excess pressure from the pot thus preventing unnecessary build up.

Adjustable pressure control

It is not at all times that the safety valve is enough to put things under control. In such cases, it helps that pressure cookers should have adjustable pressure control mechanism. Ideally, it should allow you to reduce the pressure levels when it gets too high. But since this will release some of that high temperature steam, make sure that you are standing away from the release point and that you are wearing a heat resistant glove when handling the pot.

Durable and sturdy

And of course, the overall build of the pressure pot must be durable and all. Unlike regular pots and frying pans, the pressure cooker is ‘under constant pressure’, no pun intended. Ideally, modern pressure pots are made of stainless steel or aluminum. The rubber gasket should also be durable. Some have non-stick inner lining for better dishwashing. Good ones are usually expensive. And although it does not need to be very costly, avoid those that are suspiciously too cheap.