Prevent Heat Damage When When Using Flat Iron

Frequent use of curling iron, heat comb, may lead to damaged hair. Protecting the hair against all these conditions is for people who go for hair styling. If the heat is applied frequently to the hair and over heat of such tools is the major reason for damaged hair.

Following certain steps can protect hair from all such problems. For instance, if you flat iron or straighten the hair at high temperature your hair may permanently stay straight and would not regain its original condition though many methods applied to do so.

Necessary steps should be taken as a precaution to protect the hair against the heat. Always use a heat protection product like CHI silk infusion, against over heat which acts as a barrier to your hair and heat. Before going for flat iron or blow drying, application of such product is necessary. Denman brush or detangling comb should be used to the different sections of the hair before the ironing process. Try to apply the iron only once for each section of the hair because repetition would result in over heat which is not recommended.

Testing the level of temperature before using the device is must. Temperature gauge is used to do test the temperature. If it burns through it means the heat is too high to apply. Although the hair is coarse, hard, unruly it is not necessary to apply high level of heat. Application of overheat leads to damaged hair.

At night, tie the hair up with silk or satin scarf so that the ironed style will last for long time and one can also use a silk or satin pillow case. One should not try to use the flat iron daily as it may lead to damaged hair and hair loss.