Prevent Thong Wedgies From Showing

It seems like just yesterday when I first wore my thong and was quite happy about it. It made me feel really hot and out of the ordinary when I was just making up my mind to slip into those. However, my entire day got ruined because of the nasty wedgies that kept on showing from the rear and I had no option to keep them low. That day I decided to never wear that men’s underwear again until, one day I discussed this problem with my friend (who’s supposed to be a thong lover). He put forward the secret of loving the style without complaining about the showy wedgies.

Hence, I had to share this with you all because I know there are men around the globe who ditch the fashion underwear style because of the wicked wedgies. This article would help you all find the option of avoiding or preventing the thong wedgies for a comfortable appeal.

Size: When it comes to men’s underwear, anything and everything that goes wrong can be rectified with the help of the right size (more or less). It is an essential aspect that will help you out of the situation sooner or later. Once a host of a show tossed a question related to men’s apparel. A man from the crowd replied with a question that how do I get my perfect pair of thongs? Nothing seems to please me. The author replied, “You’ve changed all the thong styles, have you ever tried changing your size?” the gist of the talk was, whenever you think the specific thong does not provide what you’re looking for, change the size. It is a tried and tested method that if your correct sized pair does not feel good, a bigger one would definitely be a better option.

Fabrics: You wouldn’t agree more if someone said that fabrics play a prominent role in providing the best feeling down there. Whatever the style of the underwear is, what matters more is the fabric composition. If you take a closer look at the fabrics available in the apparel industry, you’d find that they are either stretchable or inelastic. Looking further, you would come to know that the ones with high elasticity move around with you without bunching or riding up the butt crack. However, the ones with minimal or low elasticity tend to get rigid and ride up when you are in motion (whether you stretch, bend, sit, etc.).

All you need is patience: You remember the time when your mother made you wear those age-old sweaters that you didn’t like at all? How did you feel when they were sternly given to you to be worn? You must not have felt comfortable in those at once, but you got used to it eventually and liking it at the end. Likewise, you need to be patient with the thong underwear. Though they are the most comfortable pairs according to regular wearers, the respective style can be a little tricky to handle if you don’t handle it properly. Once you’re done with the testing time, you’re all good.

Contact the customer care: There is no doubt about the fact every person needs help at some or the other point of time. So, what do you do then? It is very obvious that you ask someone who, you think is capable of giving you a probable solution to your issue. Likewise, you must contact the customer care department of the men’s underwear store if you think you have issues while buying a thong. Make sure you are specific about the thong wedgie problem and get the right solution to it.

Thong wedgies are not an integral part of the respective men’s apparel style. However, you should be careful about buying the enhancing underwear style and feel happy as well as comfortable in the same.