Primitive Country Decorating – How to Decide Which Wall Treatment Works Best For You

If you’re ready to begin your primitive country decorating experience with wall treatments, but aren’t sure how to get started, here are some things you ought to know. Knowing more about these 5 high-impact wall treatments is going to help you increase your overall satisfaction and create an area you can’t wait to come home to.

Paint – Whether you’ve decided to paint the majority of the interior of your home or just one room, you need to first decide on the color you want for any particular room. Do you want the simplicity of one solid color or do you want to create a decorative faux finish?

The creative possibilities using paint are endless. For instance you might choose to paint the walls in your room one solid color or you might choose to use only one wall as an accent wall that is of a different color. You also might choose one of a multitude of faux finishes.

Wallpaper and wallpaper border – These days your options for wallpaper and wallpaper border are everywhere. You can go to many local stores to pick up sample catalogs and purchase right from your area. You can also find an unlimited amount of options available to you on the Internet.

With this option you are able to mix and match to your heart’s content. You might also choose to paint and then add some wallpaper border. Some people prefer to put the border at the top, near the ceiling and other people choose to put the border at chair rail height or half way down the wall.

Stencils – Many people have chosen to create their own borders and designs with stencils. You can find a multitude of options available to you for stenciling to create the outcome that you wish to achieve.

You can create a personalized border with stencils. You might also find a word phrase that speaks out to you and you might wish to stencil this on your wall.

Wood – Oftentimes when people think about country homes they think of log cabins. While this option may not fit within your budget, it is still possible for you to bring some wood into your décor.

Wainscoting is a beautiful option with an amazing look and feel. You might also choose to use a paneling that looks like wood. Another great option, if you’re wishing to add wood to your décor, is your trim. Baseboards and window and door trim can make a huge impact in the overall outcome of your decorating experience.

Paneling – These days the paneling section of your local home improvement store has grown by leaps and bounds. You can easily find the paneling that will fit the design you wish to accomplish.

Paneling now comes in almost any design you could dream of. You can choose from white to wood to floral to paneling made to go in a moist area such as a bathroom.

So, now that you’ve got a better idea of what wall treatment you’d prefer to use, go ahead and get started. You will be surprised how quickly changing just one room will make a huge impact on your overall decorating plan.