Printed Plastic Carrier Bags and Varied Types

An average consumer uses plastic bags daily, and that’s exactly the reason why printed plastic carrier bags have become so popular for marketing. These marketing items are also very affordable and quick to manufacture. In this article, we will enumerate the most popular types of plastic carrier packages that are suitable for custom printing.

Polyethylene Bags with Reinforced Patch Handles

The advantages of reinforced handles are unmistakable – the handle reinforced with a thick polyethylene layer ensures long life and high load capacity of the bag. Many consumers use these bags to shop at major stores, even where the packaging is free, as many of the modern day consumers are aware of the need to reuse plastic. Therefore, your sturdy bag can become an everyday item for some people. To help your consumers start reusing their packages, consider the bags with bottom folds for increased capacity. The advertising printed on plastic packages with reinforced handles brings maximum effect due to the long service life of the package. The modern flexographic printing allows printing any images that you want – for example, your company logo or contacts. The packages can me made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), LDPE (low density polyethylene), or MDPE (medium density polyethylene).

HDPE Printed Plastic Carrier Bags with Reinforced Patch Handles

HDPE has one of the most attractive appearances. This dense and smooth plastic does not crumple, and the printed image looks very attractive on its surface. The bottom fold will increase its volume capacity, and reinforced handles will increase its weight capacity. Despite the fact that HDPE stretches more than LDPE, the thicker HDPE will extend the life of a bag. A manufacturer can produce the HDPE bags with the desired image applied onto the surface using flexography. The cost will depend on the size and shape of the packages, as well as the complexity of the image (including the number of colors used in printing).

LDPE Printed Plastic Carrier Bags with Non-Reinforced Patch Handles

LDPE is most commonly used for the making of the widespread “rustling” bags. The main advantages of this material are high durability and low price. The high durability of the material lets you avoid having to pay for reinforced patch handles – there’s simply no need to reinforce the handles with this type of plastic. The presence of side folds provides increased volume. These long-life packages can serve as an excellent advertisement tool for your company. The wide choice of options allows creating LDPE packages for all tastes. The cost varies depending on the image complexity, the number of colors for printing (up to four), as well as the shape of the package itself.

MDPE Printed Plastic Carrier Bags with Non-Reinforced Patch Handles

MDPE has inherited the best qualities of both, the high and low density polythene. These packages have an attractive appearance, and their high durability eliminates the need in the reinforced handles. According to statistics, the durable and non-stretchy MDPE bags with non-reinforced patch handles are what the consumers often keep for future use. These promotional plastic carrier bags can be printed with your logo in full color.