Problems With Acrylic Bath and Shower Panels

Most acrylic bath and shower panels look great at your local home improvement center or lumberyard. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and some of them even come in different colors. They look great, but what I’m about to tell you, might influence your decision when thinking about installing one of them in your bathroom.

I have installed quite a few of these acrylic bath and shower panels over my years of bathroom remodeling and I have seen others install them. Most of these products are made from plastic or acrylic materials and some of them are even made from wood.

I don’t ever recommend installing wood-based products, in areas like your bathtub or shower surround. Areas that get a lot of water on a regular basis, could cause these wood-based products to start expanding and disintegrating.

I haven’t had good luck installing some of these acrylic, plastic or wood-based product tub and shower surrounds. It could actually be the installer and I would be willing to accept all of the blame, if that was actually the case. I have installed these products, following the directions and ignoring them, with similar results.

I have installed the cheaper bath tub and shower surrounds and I’ve installed the expensive ones. Some of the more expensive ones, seemed to be made with thicker plastic and seemed to be a little more durable than the bath tub and shower surrounds that are made from thinner plastic.

The only advice that I can give you, when choosing one of them, would be to buy the more durable bath tub or shower surround system. These will usually be made from thicker plastic or acrylic-based materials.

Make sure that you read the manufacturers recommended cleaning procedure and maintain this product regularly. Sometimes when removing the old plastic bath and shower surrounds, I find mold and mildew underneath them.