Problems With Olefin Carpet

If you are looking for a new carpet for your home then you have probably run across Olefin carpeting also known as Polypropylene carpet. It is a very popular material for carpet mainly because of the low price. If you are considering this as your next carpet you should read this short article which might just change your mind.

Olefin carpet is a great carpet if you are on a budget or need a carpet that doesn’t have to last a long time but it has a number of disadvantages which should rule it out for many people. For starters, Olefin has an affinity to grease and oil. What this means is that it will attract oil and grease like a magnet and it is very difficult to remove this type of soil from it. This results in traffic lanes that will turn dark rather quickly. Another disadvantage of Olefin carpet is that it is a very soft fiber.

This means that it will crush easily and is not as resistant to wear as other materials. Olefin carpets after a few years are often very matted and the traffic lanes flatten out and become quite apparent. If you have a lot of traffic in your home or even average traffic this can be a great disadvantage for you. The last disadvantage of Olefin that I will talk about is its low melting point. Olefin can melt very easily. Even the friction caused by sliding a piece of furniture across the carpet can burn it leaving a permanent mark. If you buy Olefin use caution when moving furniture and always pick up furniture instead of sliding it.

These are three of the biggest disadvantages to Olefin carpet. There are more subtle ones and there are of course some advantages to Olefin as well, mainly the cost. So put some thought into your purchase before you decide and hopefully you will find the one that is right for you. Good luck with whatever you decide.