Problems With Portable Storage Pods

It is no secret that portable storage pods are a very popular storage option for many. Their demand can easily be evidenced by simply looking around in your neighborhood as odds are good you will see or two fairly quickly. The interest in these has risen to the point where they have become a preferred item over other options. However, even with all this interest, they are not without their own problems or issues. Here, we take a look at a few of these issues and what you can do about them.

Storage pods have difficulty in extreme temperatures.

This will be intuitive to many people who recognize that any portable storage will have its limits. In extreme temperatures, these containers suffer in performance. However, they do turn out to do really well in a pretty broad temperature including fairly cold temperatures and very hot temperatures. But if you find that the temperature gets too hot or cold in your area, we suggest that you have the container moved to a climate controlled facility. Most of the container companies have this option and you should take advantage of this option at times when the temperature really goes beyond what these containers are designed for.

Door way opening latch can become blocked.

This can be an issue with some storage pods where the door is unable to be opened because items inside press against the door making it hard to open the container. One of the best ways to guard against this issue is to pack items up to about 85% occupancy. This will help ensure the entrance is not blocked. It also has the added benefit of making it easier to find items in storage because of the extra space.

Some containers have design issues.

One issue for some containers is that they have a raised entrance. This is an issue with only a few pods but it is worth noting. This raised entrance makes it a little harder to load and unload items and there is an increased risk of tripping because of the raised entrance.

Another issue that some containers have is what the container is made of. Some containers are made of plywood which can create an environment where mildew and moisture can become an issue. The best solution in these settings is to opt for other kinds of pods that do not have this issue.

By keeping these different issues of portable storage pods, you should be much better prepared to get the most out of yours.