Product Review – Schwab's Latest Fireproof Cabinet

All offices have files to store data. They are mostly magnetic these days. But very important records are still stored on hard paper. Whenever there are papers, there is always the fear of fire eating them up. The best and only solution to this problem would be to keep them in a fireproof filing cabinet. Here is a review on one of the latest fire resisting cabinets.

Generally, these are very similar to the normal filing cabinets but distinct from them because they have materials stuffed into them that resist fire and its heating effects greatly. They can be compared to a big insulator like a hot pot but keeping things inside cooler than the surrounding temperature if set on fire. They have many draws and it depends on the customer's needs. Each draw or a compartment has insulation to fire on all the sides. Schwab's latest fireproof cabinets come with the following features:

• It has a 31 "deep cabinet and can be bought in two, three or four stacks models.
• Great suspension system on which the draws roll over, giving great relief for the free flow movement of these draws is a great problem in many other cabinets.
• It uses a thin fire fighting film technology called insulate that is much thinner and claims to be superior to the other films in the market.
• It is much theft and fire resistant as it claims to be made using a technology called single piece manufacturing technology.

• There are all possible varieties of locking facilities to these cabinets that the user can ask for what he / she feels is the best for the purpose.
• Most important of all, it has a UL class 350 certification with one hour tolerance period.
So, if you are looking for such a cabinet, have a look at these Schwab cabinets first and see if suits all that you need for your perfect office.