Product Review – The New Active Ankle VOLT

The Active Ankle Volt is the latest hinged ankle brace from Cramer Sports. A hinged ankle brace is a support that utilizes stirrups on the inner (medial) and outer (lateral) aspect of the ankle. By utilizing a hinge on a stirrup brace improves flexibility in flexion and extension of the ankle.

The difference in this ankle brace is that it utilizes carbon fiber technology. Most other hinged stirrup ankle braces are made of thermoplastic, which tends to bend and adapt over time, rendering the brace unusable.

What Active Ankle did was reinforce a polypropylene shell with carbon fiber (the same material used in racing cars and bicycles). What this does is creates substantially more stability, without sacrificing room inside your athletic shoegear. It also increases the life expectancy of the brace, and protects the sides of the ankle from blunt trauma.

But Active Ankle went even further. Following up on their very popular Active Ankle T1 and T2 design, Cramer modified the hinge of the ankle brace utilizing a molded bearing-design performance hinge for a smoother range of motion. The hinge is more stable during lateral and rotational foot movements, but allows complete range of motion during flexion and extension of the ankle. This provides more fluid motion so the brace does not work against the athlete.

Then Cramer also modified the ribs of the brace along the sides of the heel bone, making them thinner and more rigid. This was a previous concern for regular active ankle brace users, where the ribs were more flexible and prone to bending.

Together, these new features have produced one of the most dynamic and supportive ankle braces on the market. It is the brace of choice for volleyball and soccer players who demand stretch and support, but do not want to sacrifice flexibility.

Please consult with your treating physician to determine if the Active Ankle Volt Ankle Brace is right for your ankle condition.