Product Review – Trac Outdoor Boat Trailer Winches

Trac Outdoor boat winches are among some of the better boat winches on the market today. They are designed to fit on existing trailer mountings where a standards manual winch was placed by the trailer manufacturer. Reasonably priced to fit most budgets and ease of installation make this a great choice.

Trac Outdoor Small Craft Electric Winch: With a 2000# capacity, this small and affordable boat winch can handle most boats 18 ft. in length and smaller. This unit comes with a wired remote and operates on a 12v power source. As with all Trac winches, this is designed to bolt up to existing mountings on the trailer and comes with all hardware included.

Trac Outdoor Day Runner Electric Winch: Has a 2500# load rating and can be used on boats up to 20′ in length. This unit features a wireless remote and comes with all mounting hardware and separate operating fuse. Solid steel construction with an enamel coating and a 12v power source insures you never have to pull your boat by hand again.

Trac Outdoor Lite-Cruiser Electric Winch: 3500# capacity and the ability to handle almost 10,000 pounds of rolling weight. This unit is designed specifically for larger boats. With most of the same features as the Day Runner, this model makes a great choice if you are planning on upgrading in the near future. As with the other models, this unit operates off of a 12v power source and mounts to the existing post on the trailer.

With Trac, you’ll never have to manually trailer your boat again, reliability is a standard. These affordable options are just a few on the many fine winches offered by Trac. Shop around and compare, you’ll find that this is a great investment for your outdoor boating activities.