Productivity – How Chain Saw Al Syndrome Can Destroy Your Assembly Line

All too often during recessionary periods large corporations bring in "consultants" to grind away at the cost structures and tear back the meat to the bare bones. This approach is used in survival mode to cut costs. Unfortunately, all too often the consultants, or "Chain Saw Al" look-a-likes come in and slash components needed to insure a trouble free or disruption resistant supply chain. Six Sigma besides, there are things that should not be cut, and are essential components and back-up systems to the assembly line.

If too much cutting is done, especially during deep recessions, or secondary suppliers are cut out, there is no give when the economy, regulations, or a nasty union takes down you only remaining options. Productivity is paramount, we've all heard the mantra, still, disruptions; especially large scale stoppage is nothing short of an impending disaster. No matter how hard you plan for disruptions, no matter how many scenarios you can consider, Murphy will always show you something that you missed.

Perhaps, this is something they do not teach those in charge of deep cost-cutting. But it is something they should definitely learn. It does not matter if you are fighting a war or running a company, logistics matter.

We often hear famous war generals talking about the tip of the sword. And what they mean by that is the fighting forces on the line of fire in the middle of the battle space; they are merely the tip of the sword, while there might be 20 people for every one person actually firing a weapon in the supply-chain supporting them.

Without that support you can get nothing done and if you cost cut into oblivion you will not be able to maintain strength in the marketplace. And the tip of that sword will be wiped out or rendered rather useless. Please consider all this.