Products, Providers, and More: A Guide to Finding the Best Hearing Aid Supplies

You might be wondering if your hearing needs a little assistance. Here is some information on determining whether you need hearing aid supplies and which kinds of companies to look to if you do.

So You Think You Might Need Hearing Aid Supplies

You might be wondering if your ears are functioning properly. Maybe you don’t notice that the telephone or doorbell is ringing. Perhaps you have difficulty understanding conversations and find yourself saying “What?” a lot, especially when talking to a group of people, a young child, or someone with a speech impediment. If you’ve been noticing this more and more, it’s probably time to consult a professional to see if there is a problem and what that problem might be.

An ear, nose, and throat doctor (ENT), an audiologist, or even a trained specialist at a hearing aid supplies dispensary can give you a test.

Some potential problems include conductive hearing loss-which affects the middle or outer ear and blocks sounds from reaching the inner ear-and sensorineural loss, whereby the nerves in the inner ear itself have been impaired. The latter is the most frequently occurring problem and often happens naturally with age. You might also be suffering from mixed hearing loss, which isn’t too common but happens when both issues are affecting the person at once.

Once the issue has been diagnosed, you can find the proper hearing aid supplies to restore functionality and improve your quality of life.

Types of Products

Some devices are worn inside the ear (ITE) and are usually tailor-made for the individual customer. Some are worn on top of or behind the ear (BTE) and feature tubing that snakes down inside.

Within these basic categorizations, there are many variations in style, size, capacity, and other features. Your doctor or a supply company can help you find the option that works best for you.

Finding the Best Provider

There are many things to look for when choosing a provider for your hearing aid supplies. Look for a company that is reputable and staffed by friendly, knowledgeable professionals. You need people who can provide the best advice for choosing and using your device-and who can provide maintenance, repairs, and/or replacements if anything goes wrong. Experienced suppliers can provide cleaning and adjustments as needed to the product you choose. Customer testimonials and business ratings are a good way to see what others have to say. Your audiologist may also be able to offer recommendations.

Top-quality companies will offer a wide range of brands and styles to meet various customer needs. Be on the lookout for other types of products that might be suited to your specific medical concern and lifestyle as well. Many companies offer things like water plugs and high-volume plugs to protect swimmers, musicians, and others. Some also offer protection specific to gun blasts that is essential for people like police officers and hunters.

If you have concerns, get tested and do some research to find the supplier that is right for you.