Profitable Home Based Businesses

There are a lot of people that are looking for profitable home based businesses. With the convenience of staying at home, comes a lifestyle second to none. Your time is your own and you can devote the amount of time to your business that you require to make it profitable. Perhaps the only downside to a home based business is that it does take time to get up and running and that when it becomes successful, it can end up taking too much of your time.

Divide your thinking into two categories. Service based and /or product based businesses. Service based businesses can mean smaller setup cost and better cash flow, but product based businesses can mean bigger profits with higher turnover.

Here are some great ideas for a home based business.

Service Based Businesses

1) Provide an answering service for mobile salesmen. Most sales people are on the road and with the event of mobile phones, can find themselves under siege by telephone customers when they least need to be. Ring around the various sales people, introduce your business and give estimates on your cost. Arrange meetings to present your business on a professional level and to seal the deals.

2) Child minding services are in high demand with more people moving into a workforce that is short on labor. This can mean some initial setup costs and licensing requirements, but can be very profitable for the provider.

3) Telephone translation services. If you have a second language you can provide this service with ease. If you don’t, consider getting some training and learn the language of your choice. By providing a translation service you will find readily available work. To keep this at home you can advise your customers of a three way telephone conversation method. This skill and business can also take you may places if you like travel.

4) Medical practitioners often require voice to document translation services. They record their note on a voice recorder, email it to your service and you type the document out and return to the sender. This translation service does require some knowledge of medical terminology, but can grow into a large business. Check with your local medical centers as to the demand for this service. Check internet sources for services already operating.

Product Based Businesses.

1) Computer sales and repairs is a big area demand and to setup a local home based business can be easily done. You may require some computer skills but nothing that can’t be learn from the internet or other service people. The great advantage of this type of business is that it does not cost a great amount to start up and has no large outgoing costs.

2) Small engine sales and repairs are something that can be done from your garage. Parts and service catalog’s are relatively cheap. Advertising is a critical part of this business as you will not have direct street frontage for your business. Beware of local bylaws and upsetting neighbors.

3) Internet based buying and selling of goods is a newer type of business alternative. Make sure you investigate your products and know your markets before entering this area of home based business.

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