Prominent Cork Floor Manufacturers in the Market

Cork floor manufacturers, thanks to technology, are able to offer a large selection of colors. These are available as planks and tiles and can be installed either as floating floors or glued down. This type of floor can be installed over different kinds of existing sub floors like wood, concrete, vinyl, etc.

Cork flooring is such a popular choice among homeowners, architects and interior designers for both residential and commercial use. There are plenty of reputed manufacturers today, offering a large variety in this renewable flooring option.

Cork floors and tiles are cozy under your feet especially in winter and do not make a noise when you walk on them. Added to this, cork flooring is anti-microbial, which means it is resistant to pests, germs and allergens. Mold does not affect it. The best part is that it is an ecologically friendly flooring option.

You can check with the manufacturer for unfinished flooring that can be finished after it is installed or pre-finished floors that are easier to maintain. The latest flooring can be used right away and later refinished when required.

Here are some of the most reputed flooring manufacturers:

American Cork Products LLC

AmCork is well known for its variety in cork with more than thirty patterns, colors and finishes. The cork oak tree’s bark is carefully gathered without any damage to the tree so that it may replenish itself. AmCork’s cork floors are great for commercial and residential use and come as sturdy tiles and floating floors that are designed to take a lot of foot traffic.

Capri Cork

They are best known for their floors that go by the name of Mediterra tiles finished with veneer for glue down installation and Cor-Terra rubber with cork flooring. The Eco-Click cork floor is an easy-to-install glueless floating floor. Capri Cork also has recycled flooring options through recycled rubber that comes as tiles and rolls.

Duro Design

Duro Design makes combination cork, wood and bamboo flooring that is super strong and has the toughness and looks of natural cork flooring and bamboo. Their trendy cork floors and walls are very popular.


This manufacturer makes a range of floors and cork-rubber floors.

Globus Cork

Best known for its exclusive amazing selection of colors, bringing out the beautiful texture of the natural cork floor. They market their cork flooring globally, offering specialty patterns and custom sizes.

Natural Cork LLC

This manufacturer offers natural cork and wall covering products.

Jelinek Cork

Floor tiles are available in a range of options and include all the basic features of cork floors like elasticity, insulation, acoustic resistant and anti allergenic.


This comes from the Amorim Group with a large product range in flooring. They have Portuguese cork tiles and planks, in addition to cork floors with Corkloc, Wicanders Glueless Flooring Systems.

We Cork

Specializes in a comprehensive range of natural cork, acoustic linings and floating floors.

You will find plenty of distributors and dealers who deal with the above cork flooring manufacturers when you browse the Internet for the supplier nearest to you. It makes sense to compare, shop around and then make an informed decision.