Promotional Pens As Convenient Items For Completing Questionnaires

Promotional pens are forever! It's true – take a gander in your junk drawer at home and count how many promotional pens you have from other companies. You probably have a bunch from your rivals as well! Pens advertising our company or service are not too dear and will market you for literally years and years to come. Any promotional item can be useful to your clients but nothing is as handy and easy to store than a customized pen.

Think of all the uses for such an inexpensive promotional product. A fancy pen can be given at Christmas as a business or promotional gift to your employees, retirees or best clients. A special pen – shiny and hefty – is always appreciated and viewed as a meaningfulful gift. With your personalized pens that might include an even more personal phrase to that employee or client, it becomes a unique and thoughtful gift to be cherished forever.

The everyday printed pens can be left out for your walk in clients to fill out a questionnaire and hopefully take away for more use and reminders of your services. You can use your word processing program to make a simple questionnaire with as few as 5 questions targeted to improving your business. Every day you are out and about, these promotional items can be left with the servers at your local pub or your local off-license. There are no end to the everyday locations you frequent that can actually use your pens all the while quietly and effectively promoting your business.

Quality is important. It is critical to decide how these pens will be used. If it is a convenient item for completing a questionnaire, the pen will not need to meet a high standard of durability. Although, it would be good to aim for an ink life of at least 3 weeks of daily use. Promotional pens are available for as little as 5p each with a minimum purchase of 100 to as high as one pound per fancy promotional pen with a minimum purchase of 10. There are many styles and weights available and there are many different ways to embellish promotional items . Some are engraved and others are embossed. The least expensive is an adhesive paper with your business message and artwork already printed on it. This sticker is then rolled around a very plain pen for distribution. This would be the least expensive option and the most colorful as the paper can be any number of colors and textures.

Other options with these great promotional pens are attractive sheaths to protect the chrome trim. It is also worth considering a clipboard mirror to accompany the promotional pen items, especially if the questionnaire path is the tack you're going to take. The backside of the clipboard is another location for branding your business name and service points. Multiple copies of the questionnaires can then be placed on the clipboard with the giveaway customized pens located in a holder nearby.