Proper Lighting For Traffic & Construction Site Safety

For areas of traffic construction, construction sites or even just home improvement, having proper lighting is crucial for safety, most of all, but also for accurate work. There are many types of lights for every job, here is an overview of traffic, construction and home safety work lights.

Traffic Safety Lights

Whether you’re project is near the street or if you’re doing construction on or near a road, traffic safety lights will be an important part of your project. Common types of safety lights include barricade lights, strobe lights, dome lights or warning lights. It’s important to provide a barrier between the street and any sidewalks or paths and your work site. Placing barricade or work lights around the area to mark it is one way to make sure that no one accidentally walks into your work area and hurts themselves. Work lights usually come in amber, red or orange and in the flashing or strobe varieties. Barricade lights are the most effective for warning a person or vehicle of a construction area ahead, as barricade lights can be seen from a good distance away. Some traffic safety lights come in solar varieties, so that no wiring or extra hookup is needed to set them up. Many traffic safety lights use LED lights, which stands for “light emitting diode”, LED lights tend to remain brighter, for longer periods of time and thus saves on maintenance costs as well.

Construction and Home Improvement Work Lights

While you may or may not be working on your home improvement projects at night, there’s still a myriad of home projects for which you would need lighting. First, when working in an area of poor or no light, such as a basement, attic or a crawl space in your home. In addition, working under sinks, in cabinets or in dark garages. No matter whether you’re painting, sanding, repairing, laying floor, staining or whatever the project may be, you will need good lighting. A work light will fit the job. These lights are usually portable and come in wattage anywhere from 150 to 500 watts and up. A rectangular light box is placed in a low profile coated metal stand. Some work lights can be placed on a taller stand and just about all work lights are completely adjustable in terms of angle of light. These work lights are portable and can be easily carried from room to room. One disadvantage of this type of work light is that the light will be very hot after it’s been on for a long amount of time, this can cause minor burns if not careful. Though most companies provide some sort of barrier between the light casing and the handle, the light can still be very hot to the touch.

No matter the project, proper lighting is crucial and should be a priority for your own safety and accuracy.