Proper Skateboard Assembly

How can you learn proper skateboard assembly? If you are a skater, at some point or another you will need to know how to assemble your skateboard either because you want to customize your skateboard or because you want to set your own specs for better skateboarding.

Before you can begin the assembly of a skateboard you need to have the proper tools.

These will include:

o Screwdriver or allen wrench

o Safety knife with new blade

o Metal file

o 3/8″, 9/16″ nut drivers

o Square aircraft lock nut

o Griptape

o Work area

Optional tools:

o Power drill

o Vise

You start proper skateboard assembly by placing the griptape onto the deck. You can buy griptape in full-length sheets with different designs and colors. The gritty top of the paper helps your shoes grip the board and prevents slipping. This step is very easy because all you have to do is peel off the backing to reveal the sticky underside and stick it to the top of the board you are assembling. Make sure the griptape is stuck well and that it covers all the edges.

Now you are ready for the second step which is to cut off the excess griptape. You will use the safety knife to do this which is why you need to make sure you have a sharp blade. After trimming the paper to the size of the board, take the metal file and smooth out all the edges.

The truck mounting will be the next step. To begin this step you need to poke holes through the griptape where the truck holes are located. This is where a vise could come in very handy. You need to hold the board so you can push the mounting bolts through the truck holes. There are four bolts per truck, but you need to push one bolt through at a time. Then slide the optional riser pads up and onto the bolt ends. Do the same with the trucks. It is essential that when performing this step you have the truck bushings and the kingpins facing each other towards the middle of the skateboard. Otherwise, when mounted they will turn in the opposite direction from what they should be turning. Use the screwdriver or the allen wrench to secure and tighten down the locknuts.

After finishing all four trucks it is time to mount the wheels. You have to be careful not to damage the shields on the bearings when putting them in the wheels. You may need to purchase a tool to help you in this area especially if you have the hard wheels. You do this process by dropping a bearing onto the truck axle then a spacer and press into the wheel making sure they go all the way. To reduce friction, mount the thin washer located on the axel onto the outside of the bearing. Next add the square aircraft lock nut and tighten. You need this to be snug while still allowing the wheel to roll. It can have a little play but should not be wobbly.

Now you are ready to skate. It is always a good idea to carry tools with you because as you ride things will begin to losses up. With a new board it will be necessary for you to make minor adjustments as everything begin to settle in.