Properly Installing A Modern Chandelier For Your Home

Modern, elegantly-designed home chandeliers today have varied designs and formats, with each differing in their weights, styles and patterns.

These modern lighting fixtures also vary in the type of light that they produce and radiate. Most buyers of home décor pieces today have a tendency to view these lighting fixtures as only those opulent and very ornate fixtures that have been seen in the ballrooms of palaces or castles.

However technically, any ceiling-mounted lighting fixture that hangs from a chain or wire is referred to as a chandelier. As such, installing a new chandelier greatly differs from installing a standard ceiling-mounted lighting piece, since these fixtures are generally more heavier than the average lighting piece.

Chandeliers Greatly Enhance The Appearance of A Home’s Rooms

A modern or contemporary chandelier installed in either the dining or living room or entrance, will surely make a huge improvement in your room’s appearance, and for some it makes all that difference in the world. Some even meticulously plan the installation of one as an integral part of their overall home remodeling project.

Consider The Lighting Fixture’s weight

Your new modern or contemporary chandelier’s weight is a vital factor to consider, because you need to match this with your ceiling junction box. The junction box contains all the wiring connections in the ceiling, and it should be tough and dependable enough to fully bear the weight of your new fixture.

If your new chandelier has the same weight as the previous one, that is if you’re replacing an old one, the previous junction box will most likely work just fine. However, if the new lighting fixture is truly much heavier, you need to replace the junction box with one that should appropriately support the new fixture’s weight.

Properly Installing Your Home Chandelier

To begin the process of installing your elegant lighting fixture, first you need to turn off the power to the circuit on which you intend to work, to prevent electrocution. The next step is to replace the junction box Remember that you will need to replace the junction box only if you deem it to not be strong enough to carry the weight of your new fixture.

Once you have exactly determined its proper weight, you may now continue with the installation process, by threading your new junction box’s hardware onto the mounting strap. You will have to install a mounting strap if you don’t have one. You may either utilize the one that came with your new fixture’s kit ,or you could buy a new one from a home improvement or lighting shop. You may also use the existing screw holes to secure the mounting strap into the junction box.

Correctly Wiring Your Lighting Fixture

You need to take note that you should wire in the new lighting fixture in the same manner as the old one came out. Correctly wiring the new modern lighting fixture may be as simple as connecting white wires with white ones, or black wires with black ones, however there may be times that it can prove to be quite tedious, as there could be several wires to connect.

Begin the wiring process by stringing wires through the last link on the chain, and then lay it properly through the support nut, collar nut and up through the lamp nipple, and lastly into the junction box itself.

Lastly, connect your wires by “tying in” to the home wiring using wire nuts, or plastic connectors. You will also need to “tie in,” by properly splicing the black hot wire from the junction box with your wire nuts. After this, you should splice the white neutral wires, and carefully connect the ground wires to the green grounding screw in the junction box. – Golden Age USA