Pros and Cons of Air-Conditioners and Coolers

Both air-conditioners and coolers can help in keeping your home cool in summers. Coolers usually work on the principle of adding moisture to incoming hot air and releasing cool air inside the rooms. The heat in the air forces the water to evaporate which helps in generating cool air. The cool air generated by the machine, is pushed in the room with the help of a fan. The air that is pulled from the atmosphere passes through a filter before it is pushed into the room.

Air-conditioners give the desired cooling effect by using compressors to convert incoming hot air into cool air. These machines are based on the principles of thermodynamics that run by removing the heat and moisture from the air. They are ideal in areas where the moisture content in air is high.

Most people who live in hot and dry areas prefer coolers over air-conditioners because they are cheaper. However, people who don’t mind spending a little extra prefer air-conditioners because they are more effective and efficient when compared to coolers. Recent advancement in technology has made it easier for air-conditioners to produce cool air that does not contain bacteria. However, cool air from the coolers can contain bacteria which can cause breathing and other health problems. Most people who suffer from allergies and asthma avoid getting a cooler because it can aggravate their problem. Since air-conditioners generate germ-free air, they can be used in hospitals and laboratories. These machines are advanced when compared to coolers and come with features like humidity, speed and temperature control.

Another advantage of buying air-conditioners is that they can easily cool large area in a few minutes. It also has the ability to maintain a constant flow of cool air which helps in providing uniform cooling throughout the room. Since these machines are highly effective, it is preferred by both domestic and industrial users. Advancements in technology have made it easy for people to adjust the temperature when needed. Most machines have a screen that displays the desired temperature that you have set for your room. This temperature can be adjusted according to your requirement.

Coolers are popular with people who live in hot and dry areas as these machines can cool their homes without drastically increasing their electric bills. Coolers are known to consume less energy when compared to air-conditioners. Also, people who have limited budget prefer buying portable coolers that can help in cooling several rooms. These machines can be used to cool an open room which is not possible when you install an air-conditioner.