Pros and Cons of Back to Wall Toilets

The look and design of a bathroom is almost always the top priority when remodelling a bathroom. The main consideration is usually the decor with matching tiles and fittings or vanity units. However, a clean, hygienic and well-designed toilet not only looks appealing but also allows the optimum utilisation of space. After the kitchen, the toilet and bathroom are the most frequently used areas in the house hence the demand for attention to its design.

Today, several choices of toilets are available in the market. Beginning with corner toilets, wall hung toilets, one and two piece toilets and back to wall toilets. Among the many varieties, the back to wall toilet style is favoured by many and is ideal for compact houses and apartments. These types of toilets have a concealed cistern behind the wall or a cabinet and are either floor or wall mounted. Before purchasing one of these popular toilets, lets discuss the pros and cons of back to wall toilets.

Pros of Back to Wall Toilets

Sleek & Slim: Installing these toilets produces an aesthetically pleasing bathroom with their elegant clean lines and hidden cistern. The toilets are fitted up to a false wall or cabinet that hides the cistern and plumbing. The cabinet usually matches the interior decor and continues the bathroom theme. A variety of designs are available with contemporary and modern styles available in the market to suit individual tastes.

Space: Less space is required to fit a back to wall toilet as they are shorter in length due to their hidden cistern which is installed behind the wall. Their shorter length makes them ideal for small bathrooms, ensuites or under-stair toilets. Back to wall toilets can also be wall mounted, which require even less space and are easier to clean.

Ergonomics: The design of back to wall toilets make them aesthetically pleasing as well as very comfortable. As this type of toilet can be wall hung, they can be adjusted to the perfect height for the user, making it easy to use.

Cons of Back to Wall Toilets

Expensive: Compared to traditional toilets, these toilets are more expensive due to them being produced in lower numbers. In addition, they also require additional work to install which will increase the installation cost, as well as requiring a wall mounting kit.

Installation & Repair: If separate access to the concealed cistern is not created during installation, it will be very difficult to maintain or repair in the future. A separate panel access may increase the cost of overall fitting.

Besides, the little extra work required to install the toilet and cistern, back to wall toilets are an increasingly popular trend and are extremely popular in high-class establishments and homes. Fitting one in the home will not only enhance the style of the bathroom but could also help to increase the house value.