Pros and Cons of Cap 40 Pound Dumbbells With Carrying Case

Dumbbells are found anywhere in the market. One of the most common brands is the CAP 40 pound dumbbells with carrying case. But before you buy this product, you should first read the customer reviews. This way you will get an idea of how well the 40-pound dumbbells are working. When you are packed with information, you can better weigh the pros and cons of the dumbbells and get the best value for you money.


The CAP barbell and the 40 pound dumbbell set with carrying case come in very reasonable price. For only around $40 to $50, you already get a solid cast iron plate. At this price, you get the complete package which includes two standard dumbbell handles, four star lock collars, four 5 lb dumbbell plates, four 2.5 pound dumbbell plates, and a plastic carry case. Since the prices vary from one store to another, it is still wise to make a comparison before buying them. Black finish is also available if you want a more elegant look for your home fitness equipment.

The CAP dumbbell sets come in adjustable sets. Thus, you do not have to buy new weights whenever you progress with your training. The equipments can be adjusted up to 20 lbs per dumbbell.

One advantage of the CAP dumbbells is the portability. Because it comes with a carrying case, you can bring it anywhere you go. Just store the plates in the case to keep them secure while you are on the road.


The carrying case of CAP dumbbells is only made of plastic. Thus, do not expect that they can withstand the test of time. Many of the customers’ feedbacks are about the poor quality of the carrying case. If you are not a constant traveler, you may just want to keep the case and only use it when necessary.

Although the product is an adjustable type, it may take more time to adjust the plates. First you need to unscrew the lock, fit in your desired dumbbell plates and screw the lock again. If you compare this mechanism with SelectTech, it only requires few clicks and the sets are ready to use. If time is of extreme importance to you, the Cap adjustable dumbbell may not be the best choice for you. But for many who are willing to endure the tedious task for a lesser pay, the product is a good investment.

The product labels of the Cap dumbbells say that they come in 40 pound weights and the lightest is 10 pounds. But some customers say that these weights are inaccurate. Usually, they weigh less than the actual weight. For instance, the 10 pound dumbbell is only approximately 8 pounds. If you are training for a professional competition and you are very particular with this, you may consider other products. But again, if this is only for home use, the slight difference is still acceptable.