Pros And Cons Of Corrugated Cardboard Displays

Corrugated cardboard displays are a common place as they are used by very many people. The products come with their pros and cons.


Convenience: this is one of the main advantages of the displays. If you buy the products you will have a very easy time assembling them. This is because you don’t need any extra tools or even glue to put the structures in place. The good side is that they come with manuals that show you how to properly assemble them.

Once you have assembled them they become lightweight thus you can easily carry them around and put them in any corner of your store.

In addition to this you can easily customize them by writing messages directly on the cardboard. Some displays come with detachable header panels that you can attach your message on.

Elegant styles: if you do a quick online research you will discover that the displays come in a number of elegant styles that are meant for specific purposes. For example, there are displays for magazines, DVDs, clothing, and birthday cards. There are also great styles for dump bins.

If you are interested in the products you only need to research and identify the products that meet your ideals.

Strength: although, the displays can look weak, they are not. The products are made from three layers of material that makes them very strong. Due their strength the products are able to easily hold their contents without showing any signs of strain.

They are cheap: if you want to elegantly display your products on a tight budget these are the products to go for. This is because they are cheap. For example, if you do your research you will discover that most of the displays cost between $10 and $30. This price is affordable for many people.


Just like anything else in life, corrugated cardboard displays have their fair share of disadvantages.

One disadvantage is that the products offer very little resistance to moisture; therefore, when they are made wet from ambient moisture in the environment or from direct contact, they often soften and become pulpy. They are also highly absorbent thus they easily transfer the moisture to their contents.

To avoid this you should put the products in a dry place that is free of water.

Another disadvantage of the displays is that you can easily damage them especially when cutting the edges. To avoid damaging the products you should always hire the services of a professional.