Pros And Cons Of Multi-Generational Housing

Can You Be Happy With Multi-Generational Housing?

Multi-generational housing is absolutely nothing new. It simply means that multiple generations of the same family decide to live together. Of course, it is very common for parents to live with minor aged children. This term refers to the less common situation when adult children live with parents and, sometimes, grandparents. Sometimes those adult children have their own minor children. This means that three or four generations of the same family could live together in the same home.

Combining families has become more and more trendy. In fact, it has become so popular that a new term has even been coined for it. Baby boomers, who may live with elderly parents and/or adult children, are called the boomerang generation. Actually, it may be the younger and older generations who are doing more of the moving in though.

Families may decide to combine households for lots of reasons. The most obvious reason is probably financial. Living together can be a great way to economize. It may help some family members save money or get back on their feet. Other times, some family members may need more help caring for themselves. Working parents may get child care help from retired family members. Elderly people may need assistance with some daily living activities. Sometimes, living with a family can provide companionship, and it is simply a remedy for loneliness.

Is the boomerang movement positive?

Actually, there are a lot of good reasons for families to live together. Companionship, economy, and child or elder care are a few of the best. If you look into the history of many other cultures, multi-generational housing was normal. It may be that our society’s tendency to move off and live alone is odder.

Do families ever have problems combining households?

Are there every problems when more than one generation lives in the same home? Actually, that is like asking if families ever have problems. If your kids move back in, you may remember why you were so relieved when they went out into the world in the first place. Your elderly parents may have trouble adapting to living in a household where they are no longer the bosses. Hopefully, you can over come these issues, but you are probably prudent to expect some rough times.

It is very important to make sure everybody understands their rights and responsibilities if you choose to combine households. Grandma has the right to get to sleep without listening to the kid’s music blaring at odd hours. On the other hand, young children do need a pleasant and safe place to play sometimes. Your adult children should become responsible about cleaning up after themselves. When they were you, you may have expected to find dirty laundry or dirty dishes in unexpected places. If they return home as adults, you need to make it clear that the rules have changed.

Is Combining Households A Good Idea For You?

I have known many families who enjoyed taking in adult kids, grand-children, and elderly parents. On the other hand, I have also seen situations where one party took advantage of another and things did not work out so well. I think that having clear expectations and open communication helped the successful families a lot.