Pros and Cons of Prostate Massage

Prostate massage has been used to relieve the pain and tenderness of prostatitis. In many males, the massage alleviates the discomfort and swelling and is an alternative to surgery or medications to treat the symptoms of prostatitis. There are several methods and techiques involved with this. One method is to use a long sterile instrument and slide it in and out of the rectum with a light but firm pressure. This is usually done for about ten minutes before cessation. Another method used to massage the prostate, is by using a prostate stimulating device. The device fits inside the rectum and is an automatic stimulator.Men who use the device method for prostate massage report an increase in strength and tone as well as overall better bladder control. Most devices have been medically approved and they come in small, medium and large sizes. The device works by inserting and then squeezing the muscles of the anal sphincter.

Another type is the peripheral prostate massage. This is done by a medical professional. There are four categories: abdominal peripheral, inner thigh periheral massage, perineum massage, and the anal peripheral massage. Having a consultation with a medical professional will help determine which option is the most suitable one.

There are two techinques used. These are the gentle massage and the vigorous massage. The gentle massage helps to facilitate drainage in a swollen prostate. It also relieves the tension and pain in the surrounding areas. Vigorous massage involves a more aggressive technique and has many associated risks. These risks include tearing, and release of toxic antigens. Tearing of the urethra can result in a patient developing a urethral stricture over time and can go undetected for months. Another risk of vigorous massage is the backup of urethral flora in the epididymis, which could lead to epididymitis, or inflammation of the urethra.

If toxic antigens are released during vigorous massage, then septicimia can occur, which is fatal. Yet another risk of vigorous massage is perforation of the lining of the rectum. Once the lining is torn or perforated, it can cause hemorroids. It is important to note that continual movement in the massage procedure is essential. Do not push in one place, but rather move laterally to avoid any damage to the glands.

If any pain or bleeding is noted after receiving a prostate massage, consult your physician.