Pros and Cons of SSD Hard Disks and the Recommended Model

SSD hard disk, a relatively new media, is an architectural drive connected to the IDE controller or SATA. SSD stands for Solid State Drive. It is a developed block interleaving scheme (In SSD flash memory, chips are always a few) and wear-leveling technology cell. And in this article, I’d like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of SSD hard disks and show some details about the recommended model, BlitzWolf BW-D1 120G hard disk.

Pros of the SSD Hard Disks

  • High speed

Modern SSDs give incredibly high read and write parameters. Even medium-sized and relatively cheap SSD show a far greater speed than conventional hard drives. The SSD drive is installed on the computer instead of the precursor, and can significantly accelerate downloads, as well as to reduce the startup time of applications and games.

  • Low noise

Clicks and clatter often accompany the work of the classical HDD. However, the SSD drives are completely silent as they do not have moving parts.

  • Low power consumption

In laptops and other mobile devices, with the SDD hard disk instead of a classical HDD, it can provide the extra half an hour.

  • High reliability

Due to the lack of moving parts, SSD drives are much more reliable than conventional HDDs, which are very sensitive to shock and vibration.

Cons of the SSD Hard Disks

  • The high price

The price of SSDs is really exorbitant compared with the HDDs. For the money you cost for an SSD with 64 GB capacity, you can take two conventional 1.5 TB HDDs.

  • A small container

The SSDs have much smaller containers than HDDs.

Recommended Model

If you are in need of an SSD hard disk, I would recommend the fresh BlitzWolf BW-D1 120G SSD. This model comes with a 6Gbps SATA interface, which can provide up to 6Gbps transmission rate and is used in most laptop computers and personal computers. The large software and intensive games will load significantly faster compared to the loading time of a regular mechanical hard drive because the read speed of the BlitzWolf BW-D1 SSD is up to 500MB/S. In addition, it supports ECC, Wear leveling, TRIM, S.M.A.R.T and RAID Protection. All this provides excellent data retention and enhances the reliability. And the DevSleep (Device Sleep) mode enables the BW-D1 to completely power down PHY and other sub-systems, minimizing the power consumed by the SSD. Finally, with a compact size of 100*69.85*7mm, BlitzWolf BW-D1 SSD can be used in slim business notebooks, gaming notebooks, PC computers and other media boxes and devices.