Pros And Cons Of The Mares Icon HD Dive Computer

The Mares Icon HD dive computer may not be the cheapest dive computer on the market, but the true HD color display makes it one of the only dive computer models on the market to feature this advanced viewing screen, offering full-color maps that are visible, even under water! Besides the obvious benefits of the HD-LCD display with thin film transistor, also known as TFT, what are the other pros and cons you can expect to discover with this dive computer watch?


The features are probably the biggest pros of this product, besides the fact it is made by Mares, which is a leading manufacturer for the diving community. You get easy to read large icons, a 3 ½ inch screen and innovative software, which offers a map and picture function, besides the double diving mode options for extended or profile. Besides storing your images and dive site maps, you can take advantage of more than 100 hours of dive logging and with the rechargeable lithium batteries, its low maintenance cost and manufacturer’s warranty allow you to just enjoy the vivid color display.

Actual User Reviews:

If you consider what actual customers have to say about the Mares Icon HD dive computer, the pros outweigh the cons. It’s hard not to love the large colorful display that allows you to review your dive while underwater or you can take advantage of the compass and see the depth measurements clearly. Users report that functions that allow you to log your multiple daily logs, also allow you to download the log book from the Icon, giving you a record of your dives.


This dive computer features a sporty black watch band, besides the sporty wide framed display that is truly like wearing a personal high-def computer screen on your wrist. The multiple-colored readings, graphics and numbers make it easy to read the device above the water’s surfaces and offers ease of use for when you are in the murky depths.

Are There Any Cons?

The Mares Icon HD Dive Computer isn’t for amateurs that aren’t serious about their diving electronics. Like many other dive computers, you can expect to pay around $1,000, making it too expensive for those that are occasional partakers in scuba diving adventures. On the other hand, it is not any more expensive than comparable models, although it is the only one of the market with the HD display. There can be a glitch with logging your dives, but it doesn’t seem to be a serious problem because it might be user errors, encountered when first utilizing the various functions. With the manufacturer’s warranty and a little exposure to the function buttons, this isn’t a con that can’t be overcome. It offers plenty of useful features, but not so many that it can’t be figured out by the average user.


This model of dive computer has taken “display” to the next level and it is an easy-to-use device, once you learn the basic four-button functionality. For the more serious and frequent scuba diving community, the Mares Icon HD Dive Computer will offer a helpful accounting of your dives and offer colorful maps and compass or depth functions underwater, which is when you need them the most!