Pros and Cons of Venetian Blinds Inside Double Glazing Units

It is now possible to order your new windows, French doors and patio doors with integral horizontal blinds. The blinds are fitted within the double-glazing cavity.


Slatted Venetian blinds allow the amount of sunlight shining through the window to be controlled by turning the slats, closing them fully or pulling up the blind for maximum light and vision. Unfortunately, the flat surfaces of the slats accumulate dust and are not easy to clean. Some people prefer this to fabric curtains, festoon blinds, etc., which have to be removed for washing or dry-cleaning.


Another challenge is where and how to position blinds on or above a standard glazed door, a problem that is multiplied for French, bi-folding or patio doors.


The solution is simple. Inside the two panes of glass that form a double-glazed unit is a dust-free empty space just begging to be utilised! The blinds are operated by using magnets attached to the window, enabling them to be operated as normal. This can be done manually or electronically.


There are some down-sides to this:

  • The cost of replacing existing units plus additional cost of integral blinds.
  • What happens if the blinds break? There is no access to fix them.


If you are not thinking of replacing windows or glazed doors, then integral blinds is not a viable option. However, it is an option for consideration if you are planning to buy, particularly if the glazing is in full sun or there is a need for privacy.


Integral blinds are usually guaranteed against breakdown for a number of years. However, because the mechanism is remote, the chances of rough handling or mis-treatment are negligible.


The blinds may be offered in a variety of colours but, as with low-maintenance window frames (aluminium, pvc), many people choose the safer options of white or neutral tones to maximise their decorating options.


One supplier of integral blinds in glazed doors and windows is SunSeeker Doors, who manufactures aluminium-framed bi-folding doors, with or without optional blinds in the sealed unit. The choice includes pleated or slatted blinds.


From simple French Doors to multi-panelled folding doors that can span as wide as 7.2 metres, the doors can be installed between your home and your garden or conservatory – or they can form an internal room partition. The inclusion of Venetian blinds in room partitions can revolutionise the way you use your home or office.


On balance, the “pros” are: convenience, no maintenance, no cleaning, little risk of damage, privacy and measured light control whereas the “cons” are price and the possible expense if the blinds go wrong after the warranty has expired.