Pros and Cons – Sleep Number Bed Review

People who are planning to buy a bed would probably look for a sleep number bed review. The good news for people who plan to purchase this type of bed is that the company allows the interested customer to take the bed home and test it for thirty nights. They call this the thirty-night challenge. Many people have grabbed this opportunity to try out the bed. These people found some positive and negative sides to this bed. 


A sleep number bed review will tell you that this type of bed is good for allergies. The air bladder does not hold dust mites and the covers can be put in the washer. This bed is comfortable because you can have a stiffer or softer sleep when you want to. It would be better if you do not change the firmness level too frequently. This bed will give the person sleeping on it the most comfortable sleep that they can have.  


This bed also has the capability to reduce the uncomfortable pressure points that can lead to tossing and turning during sleep. It contours to your body, which allows for superior comfort and excellent back support.  


The sleep number bed is built for two people because of its ability to adjust either side of the bed to the person’s particular preference. Thus, if two people are sleeping on the bed, they can have one side with a different firmness or softness or even a different elevation than the other side depending on the person’s needs. The numbers of the bed refer to the firmness of the mattress.  


A sleep number bed review showed that people, who experienced back pain or other aches and pains in the morning, support the idea that sleeping in this type of bed has reduced their aches and pains. This bed allows a person to have a comfortable night sleep. Most aches and pains experienced by an individual are usually caused by uncomfortable sleeping habits.   


The disadvantage though is that the softness or hardness of the bed changes slightly with air temperature and barometric pressure. Thus, if it is raining, the mattress will feel slightly stiffer. If it is clear, the mattress will feel slightly softer.


Another disadvantage of this bed that people should know about is that the air mattress used with this bed will naturally lose air over time and air will need to be added to compensate this. Some surveys have shown that some sleep number bed owners have experienced frequent and significant air loss. However, this might be due to faulty air pumps and connections and not merely permeation or air loss.


People might also experience a trench in the middle of the bed. This is noticeable when the two chambers of the bed had very different firmness levels. This trench could undermine the bed’s comfort and discourage intimate encounters among couples. 


Another disadvantage found during a sleep number bed review is that the price of the bed is quite high. This is due to the technology used in the bed. Consumers should not worry too much about the price as the purchase of this bed also includes a 20-year guarantee. Knowing some of the pros and cons of this bed, the decision to purchase is up to you.