Protect Metal Handrails and Railings From Rust

Hand rails, railings and fencings are commonly made or iron. Sometimes wrought iron is used instead of pure iron or steel. Hand rails, fencing or railings can be found in commercial and residential premises. These parts of buildings are very much prone to rust.

It is difficult to keep them away from moisture. Iron fencing and railings in garden are exposed to rain, snow and dew all over the year. You can’t help it. Rust on railings, hand rails and fences make them look ugly; the exterior of your house degrades. The edges of rusting metals get marred and hence they are risky – they often lead to small to serious injuries if not handled with full attention.

Top of all, risks of getting clothes torn and stained while passing by the rusted railings are almost unavoidable. Rusting for a long period of time makes metals weak and compels you to replace the railings.

Stop this malicious cycle of rusting on metal hand rails and railings forever. Practice proper rust treatment to protect your metal railings and add to its longevity.

A series of conditions is basically responsible for rust on metal hand rails, railings and fencings.

Most people apply protective coat of paints, primers or varnish to protect metal railings and hand rails from moisture. With time, paint dries out. As a result the surface of the coating cracks and the layer starts to peel off. Moisture starts attacking the metal through these small openings.

Scratches are quite common on railings and hand rails. Scratches damage the protective coat of paints and let moisture enter in and corrode the metal. Even a small scratch can lead to serious corrosion in the long run.

Sometimes rusting begins during construction. Once metal railings and hand rails are fitted, there should not be any delay in painting. If rusting begins before you apply the protective paint, you won’t be able to save the metal. Rust will spread silently below the paint layer and force the paint to peel off eventually.

Before painting, make sure the metal is rubbed with sandpaper and brush to remove rust. You can use rust remover for metal to clean the metal.

In past, people used to apply several layers of protective coatings to make sure that moisture cannot attack the original metal. First layer of paint, than a coat of primer, then the second and final coating of waterproof paint used to be applied on metal railings and hand rails.

The process was time consuming. And once moisture could make it to the metal body, rusting used to begin underneath.

Today’s organic rust cleaning products are good from all perspectives. Unlike mechanical abrasion method, spray based rust cleaners are easy to use. Being natural, the solution has no side effects. Healthy.

If you spray rust cleaning products on the bare metal before applying the paint, you ensure lifelong rust protection to the metal railings and  handrails . The solution remains inside and keeps protecting the metal for the days to come. If somehow, the surface cracks letting moisture in, the pre-applied rust cleaning solution prevents rusting. And you get enough time to repair the cracks.

So follow this technique to protect your metal railings from rust. Use natural cleaning products to protect metal products – save money, save earth!