Proven Plyometric Program Exercises to Jump Higher

You have heard of the amazing power of plyometrics and the increased jumping ability and speed it offers. You have even gone online in an effort to find some plyometric workout you could start to immediately see results. If you type “plyometric program” into Google search, you are returned with over 100,000 results. Do you really have the time to sift through all those articles? And once you start you realize that many of these articles are written for targeting areas of the body that do not affect your jumping ability. Wow, what a waste of time! If only there were some free exercises you could practice right now, that were part of a complete, proven plyometric program guaranteed to get a higher vertical, you would get started today.

Well dear reader, you are in luck. If you practice the three exercises below you will see an increase in your vertical. These were developed as the beginning stage of a complete plyometric program whose users have reported has increased their vertical up to ten inches. You know your body, so use these accordingly. For beginners a couple of reps two or three times a week is plenty. For advanced physical specimens, every other day is your goal.

Knee Tuck Jumps
This one is pretty simple, and can help tune your body up for the bigger exercises. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Now squat down slowly and explode upward in a standard jump, but while you are in the air, bring your knees up to your chest. You want to eventually do 2 to 3 sets, at 10 to 15 reps per set.

Box Jumps
You can use a set of plyometric boxes made specifically for this exercise, and any stable platform. Stand in front of the box or platform, making certain it is stable and sturdy. Simple squat, and then jump onto this platform and back down. Starting out, only jump onto something 8 to 12 inches high, increasing height over time. Use the same reps as the above example.

Drop Jumps
You need to stand on a low step or porch for this one. Again plyometric boxes can be used and were made specifically for a plyometric program. Simply step off of the platform and as soon as you land on the lower surface, squat and explode into the air. 2 sets of 10 reps is plenty.

These are three plyo exercises you can use right now to improve your vertical, but they are only 3 tools in a proven toolbox of leaping power contained in a plyometric program custom fit to your specifications. Check the link below when you are ready for the plan proven to add 10 inches to your vertical leap.