PS3 HDMI Problems – How You Can Fix and Repair PlayStation 3 HDMI Troubles

Are you having PS3 and HDMI problems? Most errors can be fixed by yourself at home when you know how. Get your PS3 fixed and working again today.

Connecting your PS3 to an HDMI interface can result in a blank or black screen, distorted or fuzzy images, distorted video output or it cuts out. No sound or other audio problems.

Have you noticed that sometimes when technology advances there seems to be more things to go wrong with it?

PS3 HDMI Video Problems.

You connect your HDMI cable, and switch on the PS3, you get a signal, but it’s a black screen. You cannot get video output no matter what you do.

Video output is distorted, producing weird effects on the screen, or the colors are not right or messed up in some odd way.

You have tried various different HDMI cables and each time when you try to switch the video over you get a blank screen, with occasional flashes of static. The flashes go on even after about 30 seconds, when the output switches back to component.

Sometimes when gaming the picture goes blank then comes back again, it goes on and off.

No Sound from PS3 HDMI

Sound problems – the visuals are good and most sound is there but you can’t hear people’s voices properly, or no sound at all.

If you want to attempt some HDMI troubleshooting you could.

1. Change the HDMI cables.

2. Reset the power cycle by switching off the TV and PS3, unplugging them from the power source and plugging them it in again.

3. In cases where you are using HDMI-DVI or an HDMI hub or some other piece of equipment in the connection series, try to rule out that piece of equipment first by temporarily removing it.

4. Try other HDMI ports on the TV.

5. Adjust the display settings.

If you get no result then send your PS3 away for repair and you will probably have to.

1. Wait up to 6 weeks to get it back.

2. Pay $150 for what is the manufacturers’ problem.

3. Lose your hard drive data.

4. Worry about whether the repair is permanent or Not. If it happens again in 3 months time then it could be another $150.

Whatever model of PS3 you have, all problems and all models can be repaired using the PS3 repair guide. The methods used are entirely safe and are the exact methods used by the producer of the PS3. No need for fancy or costly equipment. Your machine can be fixed today using common household items.

There really is a better way to end your PS3 HDMI problems and get back to playing your favourite games again today.