PS3 Red Light Fix Repair Guides – 10 FAQs

The average price Sony will charge you for a PS3 red light fix repair is around $ 150 for a console with an expired warranty, which now is the majority of PS3 owners. The average length of time for a console to be returned, fully repaired by Sony is about 6 weeks. Taking the view of opportunity cost, that is 6 weeks you could have spent playing games, or $ spending 150 for 2 or 3 new games for your PS3.

A PS3 red light fix guide, on the other hand is around $ 35, and takes 2/3 hours maximum of your time. Below are some FAQs I have come across when researching the various PS3 red light fix repair guides on the Internet, which I have answered for you.

Do They Actually Work?

I can wholeheartedly confirm that they do. Before I started using the guides as a way to fix PS3's in my local area for cash, I used two different PS3 red light fix guides to fix the two consoles I had at home, and both of the fixes worked perfectly.

What Tools Do I Need?

The most common tools you will need are a Torque head screwdriver, a normal sized screwdriver, a tiny screwdriver and a soldering iron (maybe).

Do The Guides Come With Any Bonuses?

Some PS3 red light fix repair guides do come with bonuses. The most common bonuses are "How To Get A Stuck Disk Out", and "How To Install Linux On Your PS3".

How Do I Receive The Repair Guide?

The secure repair guide download page will be displayed after payment is complete. No physical good is posted to you, you must download it onto your computer from the web page, where it is yours to keep forever.

Can I Pay The Seller In Cash?

No, the only payments allowed are through credit / debit card, or PayPal.

Are The Instructions Detailed Enough For Anyone To Follow?

Definitely. All of the guides available on the Internet have been put together with absolute beginners in mind. No technical knowledge is required at all.

Are There Any Pictures / Videos To Guide Me Through The Step-By-Step Instructions?

I can guarantee there will be both, in all of the repair guides available to choose from. Some people prefer pictures, some people prefer videos and some people prefer both. You choose to follow what you find easiest.

What Can I Do If The Repair Guide Does not Fix My PS3?

In the very unlikely event that the repair guide you purchase does not fix your console, contact the seller for a full refund.

What Type Of PS3 Consoles Are The Guides For?

The PS3 red light fix guide is suitable for all of the PS3 consoles, from the 60 GB launch model to the new 120GB PS3 slims.

How Long Will This Fix My PS3 For ?

It should last for a very, very long time. The PS3's I fixed using repair guides I purchased off the Internet are running smoothly 18 months on.

These FAQs : hope the I have put your Helped by mind at ease, the if you are On debating Whether or not to get a the PS3 by red light fix repair guide .