Pubic Hair Removal-How To Safely Remove Your Pubic Hair With Pubic Waxing

If you are interested in pubic hair removal and are thinking about removing your pubic hair using pubic waxing, there are a few important points you need to consider before you start.

Most importantly you need to make sure your pubic hair is dry and not wet prior to pubic waxing. Wet hair will make the wax less "stickable" as the hair is becomes softer and more pliant. You want the state of your hair as rough and course as possible when pubic waxing so that the wax can grip the hair.

However the skin does need to be cleaned before you start waxing. There are normal body secrets that will prevent an adequate grip on the skin. For smooth painless waxing the wax must grip the skin and hair tightly. So make sure that the skin is clean and dry before you start.

These days waxes used in pubic hair removal are typically hypo-allergenic meaning that sensitivity issues and allergic like reactions should not occur. However, it is always safest in any procedure such as pubic waxing to test a smallish patch of skin to make sure that there are no unwanted side effects.

The length of your pubic hair also needs to be considered. Too long and you can be in for some unnecessary pain. Too short (less than 2-3 mm) and you will not be able to perform the pubic waxing procedure.

The wax should be heated to a comfortable temperature. It needs to be hot but not painfully so. If the wax is heated too much, it will not only be painful, with possible burns resulting, but the wax will not be of a sufficient consistency to take hold of your pubic hair. Too thin a consistency will have the wax running everywhere but where you want it. Painful and messy.

Pain is always asked about when someone considers pubic waxing. As a form of pubic hair removal, waxing is probably the most uncomfortable, but there are measures that can be taken to help.

Numbing type ointment (not dissimilar to what dentists use prior to injections) can be used prior to waxing. These can be found in most pharmacies or you could try your local beauty salon. Applied up to an hour before waxing starts will take the edge of any pain that may accompany your pubic waxing.

Comfortable positioning is important when performing pubic waxing. No need to go crazy here and tie yourself in knots. A comfortable sitting position with legs spread as wide as is comfortable for you will suffice. Legs raised slowly is usually preferred, but any position that allows you to stretch the skin appropriately and get to all the areas that need attention is all you need to consider.

The actual waxing technique employs a spatula type implemented to apply the wax with the growth of the hair. That is, apply in the direction that your pubic hair is growing.

Now comes the scary bit. Very quickly pull back the wax against the line of growth. Please make sure to do this quickly. If you think sticking plaster smarts, just try removing pubic wax slowly for a new definition of pain.

When it is removed quickly, the discomfort is minimal. A useful trick to use here is just as the wax is being removed, cough forcefully. You will be amazed at what a distraction like this can do.

After you have waxed you can apply a warm damp cloth to clean away any wax residue.

With any type of hair removal, you will want to take whatever measures you can to prevent any localized irritation to the freshly waxed area. Ingrown hairs can be especially problematic so makes sure to exfoliate the area with a soft body brush.

Pubic waxing is a very effective method of pubic hair removal. If you follow the basic advice here you should be pubic hair free anytime you wish with a minimum of discomfort.