Pumping Up Your Persuasion Muscle

If you do not know it by now, I'm a changed man. My life and health have become drastically improved in the last few years by way of shedding 140+ pounds of fat, adopting a healthy relationship to food and learning to love the gym and exercise.

At my largest I was 425-diabetic, near death and certainly near here being able to bench press anything or hop on a treadmill for sixty minutes. Now I spend at least an hour a day at the gym and I'm feeling incredible with the results improving every aspect of my life.

So why the big pat on the back here? Well, I want to talk to you about patience, perseverance and viewing your persuasion skills as a muscle which you need to exercise daily in order to perform at you best.

One day of exercise a week is not going to do it just as one study session of three hours is much, much less beneficial than twenty minutes a day, every day. In this way the brain muscle works exactly like every other muscle in the body. Researchers have proven that frequent short periods of exercise are significantly more beneficial than a three hour stretch performed less frequently.

Even putting the research away, how easy is it to section off ten or fifteen minutes a couple of times a day as opposed to carving out a huge chunk of time to "cram" the information in?

For some of us patience is a four letter word. We're movers, shakers, doers, persuaders. We get things done because we do not take no for an answer. And here comes the but. . . But, I implore you to be patient with yourself. Some things come easier to some people, some things come slower. Persuasion is so multidimensional, such a layered and rich body of knowledge that there's very little possibility of learning it and utilizing it all at once.

With that said, I do everything in my power to streamline the process and have made significant advances towards this end. And still, it takes time. It's an ongoing education. We're at the edge of the persuasion frontier and that is thrilling. We are at the edge of the persuasion frontier and that is awe-inspiring. And we are the pioneers so we learn from each day, each session, each exercise, each seminar.

That's a lot to digest. (Back to the food metaphors!)

With our intentions set, with our paths illuminated, we set out to add layer upon layer of persuasion muscle to our work lives, our personal lives and our public lives. Slowly, but surely we will build our persuasion arsenal into tight, toned, compact, (or bulky, depending on your taste), versatile, strong, and powerful tools. I can not tell you how much it thrills me to be your persuasion personal trainer.