Punching Power – How to Punch Through a Board Or a Wall With Ease

I am going to quickly explain how you can gain massive punching power and have the ability to punch through a wooden board or a drywall-studded wall with relative ease.

1. Board breaking and punching power is very much a “metal” state, where you are completely focused on the end result; punching all the way through the object. If you have any doubt in your head, even for a second, that you can’t punch through the object, then your fist will not allow you to get through it.

2. You have to focus “beyond” the target. If you use that mental state, and picture your fist sailing all the way though the object, your fist will want to end up at the point you are focusing on. Always aim beyond the object you want to punch. This is true for actual combat as well.

3. You must condition your knuckles so that they are used to hitting a hard surface. The absolute best way to do this is using a makiwara board. You can either make one yourself, fairly inexpensively or purchase a store-bought model that will run you a few hundred dollars. A makiwara will cal louse your knuckles and make the bones in your hand slightly more dense and able to take a punch.

4. Speed is essential. Think of a bullet and how far it can travel. Think of how fast it is going and how many objects it can penetrate. If you took the same bullet and threw it at a wall, it would probably just smack against it and hit the floor. However, if you fire the bullet from a gun, it will go right through the wall. Think of you fist as a bullet. You need to put as much speed behind your punch as possible. The more speed, the easier it is to go all the way through the object.

5. Finally, you have to get your hips and legs into it. Power comes from the legs by throwing your entire body behind the punch. If you just punch with the muscles in your arm, you are not using your power to its fullest potential.