Putter Clubs – Double Dot Cocobolo Mallet Putter

There are plenty of putter clubs in golf, but the Double Dot Cocobolo Mallet putter is the most beautiful putter I have ever seen. This Putter is not only beautiful and stylish due to the Cocobolo wood but it has a great feel and balance to it as well. This putter is a work of art and as a person who loves golf and golf clubs, this is a top notch bad boy.

Mallet style putters have become very popular these days because of the stability the golfer can get when he is at the putting green. This mallet putter is equipped with perfect target lines and great feel to give you that touch on the putting green. The putter is extremely balanced and is an absolute piece of art. This putter looks and feels great due to the fact that its made with the finest Cocobolo wood.

Cocobolo wood is the most gorgeous woods in the family of the rosewood. The wood is a red to orange with black striping, which gives the putter a beautiful color and natural design. This is where the beauty of the wood comes in. High Polish is used to give it that mirror-like finish which makes the putter glimmer like a diamond. The finish is an automobile polyurethane so that the putter is protected with only the good expensive stuff. The putter meets the requirements of the USGA so you know its a quality golf putter as well as a beautiful work of art.