Putting Together an Effective Hot Stone Massage Kit

Hot stone massage has become one of the most popular forms of affordable luxury and while there is lots of pre-made hot stone massage kits available on the retail market, these sets tend to be expensive. Making one yourself not only saves you money but also allows you to make a kit more specific to your own needs. If you want a kit that focuses more on the tools needed for a facial massage, you can focus on choosing only smaller rocks. Or if you want to exclusively do full-body massages, you can be sure you have rocks of varying shapes and sizes available.

The most obvious tool needed for your hot stone massage kit is the stone themselves. Basalt rocks work best for retaining heat and you may be able to find these on your own at a rock quarry or a landscaping company. The rocks sold in pre-made kits are often polished and while these are appealing to the eye, they may not hold the heat as well as those in a more “natural” state. There are websites selling these stones if you’re unable to locate them locally. Some therapists find that even the most basic river rock works just as well.

The key in choosing the right rocks, once you find the appropriate type, is to find those that are smooth and generally flat, as you’ll need to keep in mind these will be massaged into the skin of clients and need to be comfortable enough. You want to choose several stones ranging in size from a quarter to large oval stones that are up to 8 inches long. You want to be sure you’re prepared for the kind of hot stone massage you want to deliver.

A warmer is needed for heating these stones and while you might see specific warmers available online for these stones, a large tabletop skillet that comes with a lid, or even a slow cooker, are just as effective. If you want to heat all of your stones at once, be sure you purchase a slow cooker that holds at least six quarts.

Accessories are an important part of your hot stone massage kit, and you’ll need a strainer. This is used for rinsing the rocks after cleansing. A slotted spoon or tongs will be needed for removing the heated stones from the warmer. A food thermometer will help you gauge the temperature of your stones and a good set of towels for drying stones will be needed.

When you’re ready to heat your stones, you can make sure they’re evenly heated by stacking them uniformly, according to size, in your warmer. The warmer must then be filled with water until your massage stones are fully submerged. The warmer should be set on a steady surface for heating.

Making your own hot stone massage kit takes some time but you will save money by finding your own supplies. The key to a great kit is a set of stones that hold heat well and are shaped best for your massage needs