PVA Glue

Making   mosaic  is made easier using PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) Glue. This is a type of adhesive that does not contain any solvent and is water based. When swallowed, it is highly toxic. It however does not emit harmful gases thus, on inhalation, it is not that dangerous. This type of adhesive is not water proof. You need to clamp the item for a good hold. This type of glue may exist in two varieties. The white type is the common one. The yellow type has a shorter shelf life compared to the white type. It has a high moisturizing capacity.

The more soluble form of the glue is useful for children craft work. The diluted form is ideal for  mosaic  work. PVA glue is the most common wood glue that is used. The yellow type(carpenter’s glue) is what is used. Sometimes, the white type can be used. Only a little is needed. The adhesive is a co-polymer of expensive acrylics. It works well with leather, paper mache, book binding and art work.

The glue is tough, flexible and non-acidic. It’s not harmful to your health and skin. Elmer glue is the best selling branded white glue. It can protect cheese from fungi and humidity. It works well with paper, industrial coatings and paints.

PVA Glue should not be allowed to freeze. Freezing breaks the polymer making the glue useless. The adhesive can be easily cleaned with warm soapy water in case of spills. Though some types are expensive, all the adhesives serve the same purpose. This glue can be used to fill gaps by adding saw dust to it. It can be available in the tube form. It can be diluted and used for sealing.