PVC Wall Panels: What Are the Advantages?

Although these are great wall coverings, they can be expensive — and messy to install and remove. However, there is a solution: PVC wall panels.

PVC wall panels can be a great solution if you want to cover your bare walls quickly and easily — and have them look stylish, too. They’re available in just about any kind of “look” you want, from granite-look to woodgrain, even marble or onyx.

PVC stands for polyvinyl chloride, and is a plastic paneling solution that’s been molded to specific needs. It has several advantages over real woodgrain paneling, for example, or other wall coverings. They include:


Unlike real wood coverings or other natural materials, PVC wall panels are durable and very low maintenance. They resist fading and color changes, and unlike wood paneling, for example, they won’t absorb water or rot.

Ease of installation

PVC panels are easy to install. Most PVC paneling today is done as a “tongue in groove” setup, such that they can simply be stapled or nailed through recessed fastening so that the fasteners are concealed. You can also glue PVC wall panels onto walls instead of stapling or nailing. The paneling is lightweight and easy to handle, so that you don’t need special tools.


You can find PVC panels in just about any color, style, or look you want. That means you can fit wall paneling to just about any decor.

Easy maintenance

Unlike other wall coverings, you don’t have to do anything special to clean or maintain PVC panels. All you have to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth.


It might surprise you to know that PVC wall panels are very insulating, too. This can provide a sort of extra insulation for your home beyond that you would normally think of.

Flame resistant

PVC wall panels have the highest fire rating for any interior finish, further ensuring the safety of your famly.


Although you’ll pay a little bit out of pocket for PVC wall paneling, the savings over time as opposed to other wall covering materials is significant. Because they’re very low maintenance, durable, fire resistant, and easy to clean, you can put them up once and enjoy them for years to come, with no muss, no fuss.

Easily changeable

Want to change the look in a room quickly? Instead of having to scrape and repaper (or repaint) a room every time you want a new look, you can simply take down wall panels and put new ones back up, quickly. It’s an easy way to change a look in a room, quickly and easily — no messy paint or paper scraping to deal with.

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