Quad Audio QC – Twenty Four

The QC Twenty Four is a modest but powerful piece of sound empowerment. Quad Audio, shares the international market with names like Naim Audio, Musical Fidelity and Cyrus Audio. The amp from Quad flaunts full features and sports inputs at five line levels. The phono and other levels are internally empowered and very sophisticated. To facilitate biamping and/or subwoofing it has twin pairs of outputs and two tape loops that are buffered.

Preserves purity of signals:

Its rear accouterments are complete with a ground connection and an IEC power inlet. The push button power switch, seven input selectors where each of them are accompanies by an LED, which when selected turns golden amber, and a larger round volume control, are featured on its panel in the front. To control the right/left balance, there is a sliding switch directly beneath the volume control.

Through the deliberate center dent, it is said to alter the balance offset by up to 6dB, and shows consistency in variables. To preserve purity of signals, it features relay input switching, and is claimed to use a functionally and radically fitted audio circuit that is simple, within the QC-Twenty Four. A single tiny 6111WA twin triode is its tube complement which is said to have a life of 60,000 hours. Quad Audio amps recommend a minimum load of 50KOhms, a hum and noise>80dB and specify a frequency response of 5Hz-50 Hz (+0 dB/0.5 dB).

Quad Modifications:

Modifications of the Quad Audio perform with a number of features that are state of the art and very sophisticated:

* Four film cap power supply bypass caps installation

* Three pairs of direct gold plated RCA input jacks

* Vampire CM-1F/CB copper body installation

* Four small EAR brand Sorbothane isolation sheet installation

* Four Black Gate coupling and bypass

* Power supply capacitors

By far these features make these amps the best in the industry.

There is a four Auricap signal-path metalized polypropylene coupling capacitor, two sheets of Sound-Coat chassis material cut and where applicable -four IR Hexfred ultrafast soft recovery diodes and a TRT Wonder Solder that is used for pure musical odyssey. The 99.99% output/input wire which is silver Teflon insulated, and Eight Riken Ohm 1/2 and one watt signal path 1 % carbon composite resistors leads that are gold plated make this baby a classic.

Numerous sonic improvements for the unit are claimed within the amp, allowing for blacker silences and including three dimensionality and better low level detail, more detailed and smoother with dynamics that are enhanced. The gizmo also flaunts a more liquid midrange over the stock machine for an even tonal balance, as well as a soundstage that is better defined. With more authority and weight, better impact and better bass extension, Quad is a winner. If you own a Quad Audio you can get it modified at a reasonable rate or if interested you buy a preamp which is already modified. A preamplifier which is modified carries a labor warranty and a 90 day replacement of parts.