Quality Ladders: Titan Model CLA25D Ladder Review

Regardless of whether you’re a DIYer or a professional tradesman, when you need a ladder, it has to be well-built, reliable and reasonably priced. While step ladders are adequate for some tasks, there’s bound to be a time when you need something more robust. Here’s some information about a real stand out in the world of multi-purpose ladders, the Titan Classic double trade and light industrial ladder, model CLA25D.

About the Titan Classic Double Trade and Light Industrial Ladder Model CLA25D

This is a durable British-made aluminium ladder in a 2-section, push-up style that gives plenty of height and versatility for both trade and domestic applications. The CLA25D model stands 2.5 metres high when closed and 4.1 metres high when extended, a good height for most general trade, DIY work and medium industrial applications. The stiles are boxed and each section of the ladder has 9 sturdy D-shaped rungs with flat tops for both comfort and safety. The rungs are spaced in 250mm (10 inches) apart to accommodate most users. Titan’s product literature notes that other ladders space their rungs as much as 12 inches apart, which makes them less comfortable and more difficult to climb. The entire ladder weighs just 10kg (22lbs).

More Ladder Features

This Titan Classic model CLA25D ladder is kitemarked to BS EN131. This is the latest European-wide standard for ladders of this class. When the ladder’s exceptional strength is combined with its light weight, the result is a superior product. The CLA25D will support a maximum load of 150kg (23.5st). Remember to include the weight of any tools or materials you’re transporting up or down the ladder when calculating the maximum load. The CLA25D ladder also has a unique feature called “SUPAGRIP” articulated safety feet included at no extra cost. Read on to learn more.

About SUPAGRIP Articulated Safety Feet

This Titan ladder is an exceptional value because it is fitted with swivel safety feet at no extra cost, a value worth 30. SUPAGRIP feet are made from articulated solid rubber and have been designed exclusively for these Titan ladders. SUPAGRIP feet prevent the ladder from slipping and keep it secure. Slipped feet are the leading cause of ladder accidents. The swivel feature automatically pivots to keep maximum surface contact between the ground and the ladder. Deep grooved treads on the underside of the feet give them a large, stable footprint that helps to keep the ladder from sinking into soft ground. The unprecedented stability of the CLA25D’s feet make this ladder exceptionally useful in all conditions, indoors and outdoors. The feet also have been designed to be extremely durable. SUPAGRIP feet are available only on Titan ladders and cannot be retrofitted to other brands of ladders.

For a good all-around medium-duty ladder, the Titan CLA25D is an exceptional value when compared to other ladders of the same class.