Quarterbacks – Work on Your Passing Accuracy

It’s been said a million times, by a million people…football is a game of inches. A quarterback must be able to put the ball in the receiver’s hands so that he is the only one that is able to catch the ball. There are several ways for a quarterback to work on his passing accuracy and they all have to do with repeatedly throwing a football at a target.

While football training and drills have become high tech; it is often the most recognizable images that provide the best drills. Almost everyone has seen the age old image of a tire hanging from a rope and a child throwing a football towards it. It is an image that is in almost every movie written about football. Why, because it works.

Not everyone has a tree large enough to hold a tire and let’s face it, most parents don’t want a tire swing in their backyard. So we will explain the set up in such a way that the target can be quickly set up and quickly put away. Get a box, piece of plywood, anything that is approximately 18″x18″ and set it up on a ladder, chair, deck anything that will hold the target when it is hit by the football. This is not completely necessary, but it will make the drill easier because you don’t need to set up the target after every throw.

Stand about 15 yards away from the target at an angle to simulate a certain pass route. Start as if under center or in shotgun and proceed with your drop back turn and fire. Always practicing your footwork and arm mechanics. Then, wait for it, repeat.

This is an excellent, easily set up accuracy drill that can be performed over and over. Set the target to simulate different pass routes, different heights and distances. This will help the young quarterback’s accuracy and mechanics and done over and over will produce results on the field.