Quinny Zapp Stroller – Review of the Zapp Pushchair

Your childs safety comes first, but what are you really looking for in a stroller? The Quinny Zapp combines a range of features with a trend setting styling that's got even the celebrities itching to get their hands on one.

The Quinny Zapp is a prime example of the latest in safe, fashionable 3 wheel strollers to hit the market. Want to get the full lowdown on safety, handling and durability? You've come to the right place. Read on for a full review of the Quinny Zapp.

There's a awful lot of hype surrounding some of the leading high-end strollers for children but astronomical prices of models such as the Stokke Xplory have put them out of the reach of the average parent. Surprisingly, a number of reviews show that a high price tag does not necessarily mean high quality. Other, less expensive pushchairs from manufacturers such as Bugaboo and Quinny come with a 'quality assured' label and a range of accessories that put them in the same class as the Xplory but at a price that's good for the buyer.

We've plucked a number of unbiased reviews of the Quinny Zapp from the web and put them together to give you a real world view of how good this stroller really is.

One of the most commented features of the Zapp is the ease of use. The three wheeled Zapp has a front swivel wheel that makes the pushchair extremely maneuverable and easy to steer wether you're in town or out and about in the country. Parents who have reviewed this model have raved about how easy it to use.

Take the Quinny Zapp out of town and into the country and you'll see where this stroller really leaves its competitors standing. The wide rear wheels put other, similar lightweight strollers into the shade and allow the Zapp to handle rough, gravel surfaces with ease. Most parents also stated that Zapp's handles were well designed and comfortable to use on any terrain.

The Quinny Zapp comes with a pushchair carry bag that makes it easy to pack the Zapp for the boot, plane, or train. Quinny even makes a bicycle attachment that allows you to carry the Zapp pushchair when cycling.

The Quinny name has become synonymous with style and the Zapp is no exception; this pushchair is stunning. The futuristic looks and pod-like frame is offset by a selection of eye-catching colors.

Initially, some parents found the stroller to be a little troublesome when it came to folding away but after a little practice they were singing its praises. Although the Zapp is also easy to collapse and compact it may not be suitable for storing in a very small car so make sure you measure up before you buy.

The only major complaint that most parents had was that the Zapp did not have a reclining seat. Admittedly, my daughter almost never slept in her stroller so, for me, this would not be a big problem. A less grumble is directed as the Zapp's performance which some parents were not happy with. Remember, this is a lightweight stroller not an all rounder.

If you're planning to buy this pushchair you need to be aware that it is missing in some areas. For one, there is very little storage and that hanging heavy bags on the handel can cause it to tip. In addition, the quality of the accessories has been questioned. The sunshade and rain cover came in for heavy criticism – they do not fit well and a strong gust of wind can whip them off.

Ok, so a number of parents did criticize the Zapp but, in general, the Quinny Zapp got a big thumbs from parents who used it the way it was meant to be used: as a lightweight stroller for your baby.