Quit Smoking Plan – Full Proof Plans

Quit smoking plan and a commitment to follow it strictly is a must to ensure when one plans of quitting smoking. Putting a stop on smoking is no doubt a difficult job, but with proper planning and careful research one can overcome all possible hurdles he or she is likely to encounter.

Full Proof Plan to quit smoking

o Quit Smoking plan starts with marking quit day on calendar.

o Do not forget to discuss your stop smoking plan with doctor or health care provider. Ask him or her about some quit smoking medications or counseling. Using medication or counseling improves the chances of success and combining them turns out to be even more effectual.

o Let your colleagues or families know about your quit smoke plans. They can become a good source of ethical support to you.

o Throw away all tobacco or other smoking products from home, office, car or other places. Do not keep cigarette in hands, in case as you can not defy the temptation. In addition, consider well cleaned teeth as your inspiration to stay firm on the decision of quitting smoke.

o Keep a stock of different items that can be used as replacements like crunchy vegetables, cinnamon sticks, hard candy and sugarless gum.

o There are many clinics and hospitals that offer some stop smoking groups or special classes. You can join them to get support of people who have either stopped smoking or want to. Some stop smoking counselors also provide necessary guidance through simple text messages.

Quit smoking plan does not end here. If you had attempted earlier for smoke cessation, but failed, try to find out the reasons what things you encountered in the way and why you are going to start it again.


Before following any smoking cessation plan, you need to identify first what can work and what can not. It is better to enlist all triggers beforehand and then deciding how to use each of them.