Rackmount LCD Monitor – A Comfortable Innovation

People these days look for comfort and ease while working in their computers. They also look out for space-saving options. They often run out of space in their server cabinets. It then becomes almost imperative to put in a sliding monitor. Catering to the needs of different types of people, Rackmount LCD monitor has seamlessly combined comfort with technology.

However Rackmount LCD Monitor comes with a host of advantages. These include:

1. It has got a flip-up design, which is a great idea to save space. It also improves a stylish look to it, makes it quite attractive.

2. It has adjustable brackets, which enhances its flexibility. This adds to the comfort and ease of the user.

3. The monitors are compatible with a number of operating systems such as DOS, Win 3x, Win 95 / 98SE / 2000 / ME / SP, Win NT, Netware, Unix, Linux.

4. Hot plugging facility allows the user to connect the monitor with the computer without restarting the device.

5. Support higher video resolutions, up to 1920×1440 for local PCs and up to 1280×1024 for remote PCs.

6. Supports most of the encryption protocols commonly used to secure networks.

7. The monitor has minimal or no impact on server and network performance. There is absolutely no influence in this regard.

8. The monitors fully support KVM over IP and analogous telephone lines, to ensure maximum compatibility with different technologies used in networking.

9. Automatic sensing of best video resolution ensures perfect picture quality at all times.

10. The crisp LED display makes status monitoring a snap for users.

11. High-performance tracking and synchronization of mouse movements ensures silky smooth performance with a variety of mice, including traditional ball-mouse and the optical variety.

12. The Rackmount Keyboard Drawer is easy to install because it attaches securely to the rack at only two points.

Therefore, with such features, Rackmount LCD monitor is sure to accomplish a lot. It offers a great blend of technology, comfort and innovation. Apart from the listed features, a lot of other features are yet to com up. A great amount of research is going on to make the performance even better and easy-going. The users can now dream of a comfortable and hassle-free operation in their computers. To meet the different requirements of different people, the 'comfortable innovation' of Rackmount LCD monitor is indeed path-breaking and is sure to open several gateways in near future.