Radiant Heated Floors

As beautiful and functional as stone and wood floors are, they can get mighty cold, especially in winter. Without a layer of warmth, such as carpet or area rugs on top of those floors, you either wear socks and slippers or shiver your way through your home. Luckily, there are several types of radiant floor heating products on the market today that can help provide comfortable warmth to almost any home.

One of the top companies manufacturing floor heating systems is a company called Nuheat, which creates unique floor heating mats that can keep you and your floors warm and toasty on even the coldest days. With the Nuheat electric floor heating system, you can enjoy comfortably heated floors in every corner of your home. Nuheat offers standard or custom-made floor heating mats that install under any flooring material including stone, marble, granite and slate, natural and laminate wood flooring, even carpet. The mats come in over 60 standard sizes or can be custom-made and shipped in most cases within a week of order.

Nuheat also manufactures the Nuheat cable system, which can be used alone or in conjunction with the floor heating mats. The Nuheat cable system is ideal for use under shower beds and in saunas, under benches, for comfortable seating, on stairs, or in laundry rooms.

Both the Nuheat mats and the cable system can be wired to any number of programmable or non-programmable thermostats that Nuheat offers, and can be controlled separately. Installation of both floor heating systems is simple and takes less time to install than similar products. For installation of mats, all you need to do is spread a thin layer of mortar or thinset to your sub-floor, lay the mat, cover with another thin layer of thin set, and install your floor per the manufacturer’s instructions. Nuheat mats are only 1/8″ thick, so they won’t affect the height of your floor. For Nuheat cable, you install Nuheat’s patented cable guides around the perimeter of the subfloor, wire the cable as instructed, spread a thin layer of thinset on top of the strung cable, and install your floor on top.

Besides having the benefit of warm floors throughout your home, you’ll save money on your heating bill. Nuheat heated floors are energy efficient, and depending on the effectiveness of your home’s insulation, Nuheat heated floors can actually be utilized as a heat source, reducing your dependence on other home heating sources such as baseboard heaters.

Nuheat Floor Heating Systems are an affordable way to keep your home and your family warm and comfortable all year long.