Radiculitis – Let The Nature Help You Deal With It

The article deals with natural remedies to relieve pain caused by radiculitis. There are various forms of radiculitis depending upon the area it affects. The disease might be either acute or chronic.

When suffering from the disease, the first step towards recovery involves complete rest. You should lie down on even mattress. Your body should not sink into the mattress. In addition, you should wear firm corset for fixing the spine area. However, you should not wear the corset for longer than 2-3 hours per day.

The second step involves relieving the pain. There are various home remedies to relieve the pain.

  1. Smear the bad areas with honey and cover them with 2 layers of paper towel. Afterwards, put on 2-3 mustard plasters and polythene. Tie round warm scarf or blanket. You should leave the compress on for no longer than 1.5 hours. In case of the sensation of pain, you should take the compress off.
  2. Grate radish or horseradish and apply the paste to the painful areas. In order to make the effect of the remedy softer, you can add sour cream to the paste.
  3. Infuse thistle root with vodka to get a tincture. Rub the bad areas with it or use the remedy for compress.
  4. Mix thyme tops, chamomile blossoms, hedge hyssop tops and elder blossoms. Infuse the mix of the herbs with boiling water and use the infusion for warm compress. Put the compress on the bad area, tie round blanket and leave the compress on for an overnight.
  5. Mix 50 milliliters of apple vinegar with 40-50 grams of frankincense. Apply the mixture on a piece of woolen fabric and put the fabric on the painful area for 3 evenings by turns.
  6. Infuse 30 grams of red chili pepper with 200 milliliters of vodka or ethanol at 70 percent concentration. Let the infusion brew for 2 weeks. Decant the tincture and squeeze the sediment. Rub the bad areas with the tincture.
  7. Prepare eucalyptus infusion and use the remedy externally to rub the painful areas.
  8. Grind chestnut to get a powder and mix it with camphor oil or lard. Lay the paste on a piece of brown bread and put it on the bad area.
  9. Apply horseradish leaves to the bad area for a longer period of time. When the leaf withers, replace it with fresh leaf.
  10. Apply the soft side of thistle leaf to the painful are to relieve the pain.